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 After a meet and greet with Tamara, I was very happy to leave my beloved puppy Charlie with her for a long weekend getaway. Charlie was only 6 months old and it was the first time I had left her with someone else, so I was a bit nervous about the whole thing. However, Tamara was very professional and confident and I was put at ease right away. During the weekend we were away, Tamara kept us updated with videos and text messages, which was amazing! I could see for myself that little Charlie was having the time of her life and instead of feeling like I had abandoned her, I actually felt like I had given her a special treat! What struck me as best about Tamara was her calm and patient demeanour it cannot be easy taking care of animals all day, but it was very clear to me the Tamara (and her husband) were not frustrated or overwhelmed by the various needs and requirements of the pets in their care. It was also clear that they had lots of love and genuine affection for the pets and took the responsibility very seriously. I would leave Charlie with Tamara again most definitely and would encourage others to do so as well.
I would be more than happy to speak with anyone who had concerns and wanted to follow up with references personally.
Happy Travels!
Andrea Pelland




Thanks so much for the update already Tamara. I would have loved to have seen Millers face when the cat came near him! I can just picture him snuggled up to you; he must be very happy to have you as his mommy for now. Mika doesn't really like to snuggle so much but if Miller is getting attention she doesn't want to be left out. I can never thank you enough for helping Crystal find a home for Miller which turned out to be us when Pam forwarded me your email about him. He is a handful but he is so darn cute and such a great doggy friend for Mika. It takes a huge worry off my mind knowing you are looking after our dogs while we're away. Hope all goes well with your house full of doggies this week.

Thanks again,
Marie & family




Hi Tamara,
Thank you so much again! Casey adores the pictures and was so excited Shadow slept with Taylor . Sorry I haven't got back sooner, haven't been on my computer till now,just briefly checked mails on phone as had more tooth surgery so in lots of pain again! We received all your updates and pictures. I love hearing about her friends and the latest updates, I'm so happy we found you on the internet as I've never experienced this standard of pet sitting before, you're the best! Hope you're all well in your house and have fun with the new arrivals. Aoife


Hi Tamara,
Thank you so much for taking such good care of Ben. We were so excited to get updates and watching the video of him playing with the other dogs. I am sure he had a good time and looks forward to another visit. We will highly recommend your Pet sitting services. Beats a kennel any day. Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas.
Thanks again,
Dan and Trina


  Hi Tamara,

 Thanks so much for the update and the nice pictures, It really eases my mind to know they have settled in so well already and I will be able to enjoy my trip knowing they are in such good and loving hands. I look forward to hearing from you again. p.s Thanks for being so great with the girls, its so sweet that you took them out to pick out treats, they don't even get to do that with us! The only time they go with us is for a haircut! They are getting spoiled and won't want to come home!
Char and Greg Rozak



Once again I want to thank you for taking such good care of Miller & Mika for us Tamara. I can tell by how healthy they are, that they had a good time at your house. I hope to board them with you again in the future if you have room when we need it. I can't imagine leaving them anywhere else. Thanks for letting Millers previous mommy know that he's doing OK. I know I would wonder about a pet if I had to re-home one. Enjoy the rest of your summer.



 I have to say it again! But I I WISH YOU WERE IN WPG! I would leave my baby Gunner with you guys anytime! And I know that you would love him as a guest! If you can name anyone in Winnipeg, that treats the puppies as well as you do, please let me know! Your an angel to let them walk around your house with your kids the ...way you do! It makes them feel at home and their owners feel good about leaving them! Good on you girl! This is why you have a waiting list!

Hi Tamara:
No wonder he is excited to be there: run around like a nut and meet a zillion new dogs, cats, etc. etc. I think it is definitely his version of heaven on earth!! Dwight


Merry Christmas to you and your family! Thank you for taking such great care of Jack over the past year. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate knowing he is so well looked after while I am away. He is so looking forward to vacationing with you in the coming year! I keep telling everyone that I am sure Jack is depressed when he has to leave the beautiful environment that you create for all dogs. Susan and Jack

We love the pictures, thanks again for the update! We went to Granville Island today and i bought her her a super-blingy new collar with a Rhinetone "P" on it. I really miss her but that is just me; she is well-adjusted on here! Thanks for taking such great care of her, she is obviously having the time of her little life!

Marliese Pasay


Greetings - I'm finally getting caught up on a few things and just wanted to sit down and write how thankful we are for the  great care 'Curly' received.  All the photo's you e-mailed  to us while gone, allowed us to relax knowing we had made the  right decision for our dear doggie.  He sure does love to play - and has so much energy, that it was the right 'Canine Hotel' for him to have pals to play with daily.  It's so nice to have a place like yours, with an 'open home' atmosphere, instead of cages and kennels.   Thanks  again for your diligence giving such great care, and Curly sends his hugs to your whole family.
Bev & Frank


Hi Tamara

Tamara, we really can't thank you enough for the updates on our poo poo.  I know she really likes it there and that makes us feel great. Randa & Ralph

Hi Tamara,

 I just wanted to send a quick email to thank you once again for taking care of our pup while we were away. It was nice to leave town knowing our little Ramzi was in excellent care. I think he already misses his new TLC Pet Sitting friends! We will certainly look at booking your services again in the near future.
 Thanks a million!
Emilie & Brian (and Ramzi!)

Pepper is a blind minpin and requires special care. The last time we went away I put in her a kennel, and while she received fine care there I felt guilty leaving her at a kennel. I longed to find someone who could understand her limitations and give her lots of love. Tamara and her family provided a safe loving home for Pepper and although I missed her I was confident she was getting great care and love. I was sent emails to update me on how she was doing and Tamara was happy to take my call to check in. If you want a great worry free place to leave your pet, this is it. It certainly makes planning vacations etc a lot easier knowing I have a great place to leave my little princess. 



The girls are settled back in despite the renovations we have in progress on our exterior. Unfortunately they don't have their whole yard to play in so they aren't very happy with us at the moment, lol. I think they are missing their furry friends as well. I would like to say thank you again for taking such good care of them. We were extremely happy to see that they were happy and well cared for when we got home
:-). Your updates helped put my mind at ease while we were away as well as the pics and videos. We look forward to trips now knowing that we have an option of quality care for our girls. Have a great evening and we will see you in July!! Barb


Hi Tamara,  I just wanted to say thank you very much for watching the boys this past weekend. It looks like they had a great time and we really appreciate the care they received from your whole family. I have been bragging about your services at work and showing off all the pictures and videos you posted on your website. Once again thank you very much. Well be in touch. Take Care


Dear Tamara, I hope you truly know how wonderful your care is to pet owners.  It allowed us to fully enjoy our trip knowing that she was at "doggie camp".  The videos and photos were such a welcome part of our trip.  We also feel so happy that she is so much more comfortable around other dogs as she was so shy.  To see her cuddling up to her new buddy Sampson was like the icing on the cake for us!  We don't travel much, but when we do make plans, you'll be the first we call!  Thank you so much!

Jay, Nadine, Emily and Samantha


 Hi Tamara, Thank you so much for caring for Ebony while we were away. I would certainly have no problem in referring anyone to you as it is obvious that Ebony received excellent care in your home Thanks



Hi Tamara,Thank you so much for sending us pictures & video of Jake and Hannah.  Do you do all your clients the same way?  This was a nice surprise and we love it!It was such a great adventure for us to drive up to Canada with dogs, but we are so grateful to accomplish it.  Thank you again for taking care of our dogs so nicely.  We will tell this great experience to any friends who have dogs and cats. I also attached a picture of you and J&H.  Have a wonderful rest of summer!
Yuko, Albert, Jake and Hannah

Thanks for the photos and being so good to Cujo. It is a nice feeling knowing that your special pet is being properly taken care of. We are having a great time. Thanks again for going that extra mile in making it it a pleasant and comfortable stay for him. Give Cujo a hug for us. We miss him very much. Regards
Herb & Gloria 

 Hello Tamara, Thank you so very much for taking such great care of Rocky.  He was really tired from playing fetch with your children, that he had a nap shortly after arriving home.It was so great to see he did not miss us to much and is still a happy little guy when we arrived home.  I will most definitely be acquiring your services in the future as I can see the excellent care he received and the welcoming family atmosphere he was welcomed into. Again, thank you so much.



Tamara, LOL !! Those pictures made us laugh sooooooo hard ! What a funny dog ! We are so happy that we found you and and your family....Irwin seems to be loving your house and it makes us have a nice trip knowing that we don't have to worry about him at all.
 Pam and Jeff


Hey Tamara
We know Kona had a blast at your place. Thanks for taking care of him. The pictures are great. The  Santa  pic especially. Thanks again for the stellar puppy care.
Wade M (Needler) Fontaine


We are so glad we found you. Thank you so much for taking such good care of Kona. I have been raving about you to a lot of people. It is nice to know when we go away  we don't have to worry about Kona. Merry Christmas to you and your family!!  Natalie

Thank you very much for caring for Missy while we were away. I really appreciate that you were willing to care for her in our home with all her special requirements we felt so relieved that we found someone who was able to care for such a high maintenance cat. You sure know when you meet a true animal lover and we saw that with you. Missy is 21 years old with only a little time left in her wonderful life and I only wish that we would have found you years ago as your care is like no other we have ever used. We now know that when the time comes for a new kitty that we will be bringing him or her to you. Have a Merry Christmas and thanks again.
Shelley, Mark & Missy
You are seriously an angel!!  Thank-you so much!!  That is Rusty's first visit with Santa.  He must love you to pieces!!Thank-you again and again... smoochies to our Rusty. We really, really appreciated knowing Rusty was so well cared for while we were on holidays.  Please extend this thank-you to your family as well.  I am SO GLAD I found TLC!! We will definitely book you next time we are in need of care for Rusty. Thanks again for all of the emails and photo updates.
Hi Tamara,
Thanks for sending us the latest Poco news. I'm so relieved that he has settled in and is showing off his sweetheart personality. We appreciate all the time you give him, especially with such a full house for you! Sounds like he is having a wonderful time at Camp TLC.  Jody and Shane