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TLC was featured on Shaw TV!!

"Thanks so much for having us over to do the story"

Elise Cerny


  • Experienced, pet sitter with a Diploma in Animal Health Technology.
  • Providing pet care services since 1999, expanding TLC to a full time licensed business. Caring for pets is my full time job. I am not employed anywhere else or for anyone else guaranteeing that your pets are receiving the 24 hour care as promised.

  •  Experienced in caring for pets with special needs of all kinds such as, pre and post operative care, diabetics, geriatric guests, puppies, separation anxiety, deaf or blind pets etc. If your pet requires special care please inquire.
  • Pets have company and care by a Animal Health Technologist 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is someone in the home at all times who is educated and experienced in observations of abnormal health signs should any pet become ill.
  • At TLC I not only provide exceptional care for your pets, I provide exceptional service to you as well! I understand how you feel having to leave your pets for any amount of time. I send you email updates, video and pictures on your pets stay while you are away. Phone calls for those who prefer calls over emails.
"Thank you so much! It was wonderful to see the video and pictures on the website and read your email as well! It is so good to hear that he is making friends with the other cats. We gathered everyone around the laptop to watch Morris play! It sounds like he is behaving much the same as he does at home". 

  • All clients booked into my home will have provided a copy of pets vaccination records.

  • Walks to local parks and beautiful walking trails near by pets are always on leash. I do not offer off leash and do not go to off leash parks even if requested, as I can not guarantee how other peoples dogs will act, which can result in your pet being injured and your pets safety is my priority and responsibility.

  • On special days we take a trip to the local pet store and allow our guests to pick out a favorite treat. Don't worry we bring home treats for our guests who do not go outside!!

  • Pets who are not usually kenneled will be less stressed in a home environment. They can even sleep on the couches and beds with your permission, so your pet feels right at home.


  • Cats have their own floor where they can feel safe and secure if they are not familiar with dogs. If they like dogs they are free to come and socialize with them as well!!

  • Pets socialize with other pets and humans.Socialization is very beneficial for your pets, if not practiced can be forgotten.

  • I have a  fully fenced and secured large backyard with locks on all gates for lots of outdoor fun. 

  • We take 2 walks daily for exercise unless owner specifies differently.

  • Pets are not kenneled unless requested by owner (night kenneling). Pets have access to all of my home.


  • Private space for those pets that are caged for their safety.  

Limited pets taken at any one time so your pet is assured the attention and care they deserve!!

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New services added

TLC is now offering pet visits in your home great for those who are not comfortable leaving their home. Afternoon let outs/walk also available please inquire for service areas. Thank you


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